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Mucus issue

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  • Mucus issue

    HI - I've had my Prose lenses for about two weeks now. They are working great except that my right eye seems to cloud frequently. I have to take the lens out and wash it 4 or 5 times a day. Anyone else have issues with this or strategies for dealing with it? My doctor said this might happen.

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    I've been having this issue for quite some time. My advice would be to apply a vial of artificial tears and to use a cue tip to remove it. If it's underneath the lens then I would suggest applying the artifical tears and removing the mucus before inserting the contact lens. Well, that's my 2 cents.

    edit: Buy the cheaper cotton swabs that don't have cotton sticking out in every direction. So stay away from equate.
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      How do you know it's mucus causing the problem? I also have frequent clouding in one eye (approx. every 30 minutes, making it uwnearable). I assumed that some debris is getting under the lens from outside it but maybe it's mucus, how would I know? I hope you found a solution to your problem!


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        Clouding (under the lens) is generally a fit issue - stuff is sliding under an edge that isn't snug. Adjusting the fit might help. 'Rinsing' your eye with drops or saline vials frequently before the clouding happens can help also. I avoid thick drops, and ones with lots of oils. Usually I stick to Blink contacts. My eye produces no tears though, so I'm putting drops in my eyes many times per hour already - I just squirt extra in and blot periodically if I'm wearing my PROSE lens that day. I carry a kit with addipak vials, and insert plunger, and a removal plunger so I can take the lens out to rinse it if necessary also. The cloudyness probably doesn't hurt anything, but feels SO GROSS I have drop everything to rinse it away because I can't stand it.