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Device For Cleaning Eyelids/Removing Eye Crust

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  • Device For Cleaning Eyelids/Removing Eye Crust

    Hey DryEye friends,

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I've had chronic Blepharitis for 20 years now - required surgery to remove a Chalazion, gave me plenty of grief as a teenager and have probably spent thousands seeing specialists.

    Aside from the red and crusty appearance that eventually comes if you don't scrub your eyelids regularly - I spend up to an hour a week cleaning my eyes!

    Sick of the usual "scrub your eyelids and use baby shampoo" routine that most Drs sprout, I did some research and came across the Blephex. While this looks great - you need to see an ophthalmologist, spend $$$ and isn't safe for one of us to operate on ourselves.

    Talking to anyone in the medical field the answer is usually "just deal with it". While I've seen amazing Doctors who have done amazing work on me, nothing has been sustainable.

    SO I've made it my mission to create a device that cleans eyelids in a safe and effective manner. I want to put the power back in our hands.

    I'll be letting you know my progress, and will be testing it on myself.

    If you guys have any ideas, feedback or have already given this concept some thought, I'd be really keen to connect!



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    Hey Allan, Interesting Ideas. Good luck and look forward to your feedback.

    Just something to share.
    *Baby shampoo is bad idea - do more harm than good, many studies prove it already.

    *my new strategy: pure HOCI, like Avenova + tea tree oil/TTO because:
    demodex are hard to be detected & prevention is bettr/easier than cure.

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      Thanks MGD - that's really helpful. I'll definitely check out HOCI and tea tree combinations.

      Regarding the video - I find that even if I use warm compress and lid cleaner - I'm unable to get all the crust off with cotton balls - sometimes it feels like it's glued to my eyelid and I need to use a Q- tip to dislodge it. There's been times when even after I've cleaned it and it looks clear, i'll have an appointment with a specialist and under the camera and there's still plenty of bleph remaining.
      Funnily enough, the best relief I've had was when I was on a course of Keflex for an unrelated issue - it cleared my eyes up for 3 months.

      That's great you've found relief though, I'll trial the HOCI/tea tree.



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        Hello Allan

        The pure HOCI (like Avenova/USA) which I could not get but I found
        NatraSan First Aid Spray made in UK, they also sell to other countries.
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          Thanks for the info - I'll look into NatraSan : )



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            Have you seen this? An at home device to clean the eyelid margins.I have never used it so I'm not sure how it works.


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              Hi Allan
              Do you know your source of inflammation? Omeg 3 and good diet can improve it.
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                jynxie - thanks for sharing that - never heard of the Style n Clean! They are marketing it as an eyelash curler as well - wonder if this is so the device isn't considered 'medical'? Regardless, I'll buy it and report back.

                Edit - reading some reports from ophthalmologists about the style n clean - corneal abrasions would be one of the risks using this device if you're not careful!


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                  maybe this is off topic, but I have severe blepharitis/MGD yet I wake up with clean eye lids? Why is it that others who suffer from the same things I do wake up with yellow crusts?

                  Also, blephadex is available on amazon, but it's sold under a different name. Just search for "blephadex" and it'll be the first list under "visual advantage" brand.


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                      Hi MGD 1701
                      Natra San First Aid spray intrigues me - it seems an excellent addition to help treat MGD, dry eye, blepharitis or even ocular rosacea. Perhaps you could answer one or two question about it. Is this spray sold without a medical prescription? Do you spray NatraSan onto cotton disks and then clean your eye with the disk? If I wanted to buy it from Spain, would be the best source?

                      I have a feeling this HOCL spray could be of immense value for many of us whose eye condition requires strict eye hygiene and would appreciate if yhou could provide this information. Thanks


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                        Firsly, NatraSan is NOT Avenova so please do your own research first,
                        Any queries, please contact NatraSan direct.
                        There are a few similiar products, for example, Ocusoft/USA.

                        I spray to 'closed' eyes or to a q-tip. Hope it will help you too.
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                          Hi MGD 1701
                          Thanks for your reply and advice. I just bought NatraSan 100 ml spray from in Spain for only 8.95 ! Like you, I also use just water to clean my eyelids rather than baby shampoo. The possibility to use Natrasan first aid spray as an effective adjunct treatment for dry eye / MGD, or even as a stand-alone treatment for maintenance purposes to prevent flare-ups, is exciting. I will report back as I learn more about Natrasan and have tried out the product.