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    Originally posted by Max52 View Post
    On the other hand this study concludes that probing can successfully treat rosacea..
    Yes, it seems to. But how long do the results last? This study only follows up for 6 months. I had MGP performed before I knew I could suffer from Ocular Rosacea. I had a huge flare of Rosacea post MGP triggered by food allergies and hormonal imbalance. The result was the return of red, itchy, painful eyes - POST MGP...9 months after treatment. Only when I addressed the food and hormone issues did the rosacea abate and my eyes returned back to normal. So, I think MGP truly can reduce symptoms...but if the causes of the rosacea itself aren't identified and controlled, you can have a recurrence anytime. To be clear...MGP treats blocked glands...that's IT! Why the glands are blocking up in the first place is the long-term issue that needs to be addressed if possible. Glands can become slowly blocked over years...and become dysfunctional which affects the whole of the tear film and in turn the ocular surface. When you get rid of years worth of build's not surprising you get a significant remittance in symptoms...often regardless of the original causes. But, long term relief ... in my opinion, can only be achieved by identifying as many causes of the original dysfunction and addressing those also. I'm a get the bottom of things type of person. I could probably list at least 20 possible causes of Dry Eye off the top of my head and when I see cures being offered that don't say...x, y and z were the causes in this individual and this is how they were addressed...I don't feel that the treatment can succeed over the long term.

    This isn't to say that MGP isn't an option. It's to say that it's a potentially great option as PART of what you individually may need to do to get long term relief.
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      Originally posted by Rebecca Petris View Post
      Jelena, if you've got a problem with someone's post, use the 'report post' button rather than blasting them repeatedly. LM is one of our most outstanding contributors here and regardless of the specifics of this situation I don't want to see verbal assaults here, offensive or defensive. As to her having "absolutely no reason", please put this in context: We have a history here of members subtlely promoting certain doctors; some are not "shills" per se - they are genuine patients who have just drunk too much of their beloved doctor's koolaid to show good judgment in their posts, while others really are staff or marketers posing as patients. One of the red flags in either case is consistent mention of a costly procedure in one's posts. Refraining from mentioning the doctor's name doesn't do much towards establishing one's bona fides as it's commonly known here that when someone posts a success, they will be asked via PM for that information. Anyone who had seen a very warm testimonial on a doctor's site and words like 'cured' in posts here, would therefore not be considered unreasonable in having concerns. I personally have encouraged overdoing rather than underdoing caution on this board when it comes to anything that smells remotely of marketing. So I'm sorry if you feel wronged. Please just be mindful of the context you're speaking into.

      DOMINOROSE: I haven't been checking FB too much so not quite up on what's going on, are you scheduled for probing or already head it at this point? Hugs & hang in there.
      Hi Rebecca. Sorry, will do in the future. I was feeling quite attacked and felt that if I didn't publicly defend myself there would be no purpose in my posting if I were labelled a 'shill.' In hindsight, I was a little too aggressive in my defence of myself and I apologize for that.


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        OK. I tell other people to calm down, but I confess, I am a total hypocrite, because I am now... pissed off.

        JR, you are no longer a member in good standing. You complain about being attacked here when on your own website you attacked this forum and (implicitly) me, as pandering to MY ADVERTISERS? "A simple disclaimer from the forum creators keeps them free of any responsibility from the quality of information shared on their sites. It keep their visits high and pleases the advertisers supporting their forum. "

        I have many faults. FAR TOO MANY, I'm sure. But if somebody's going to jump on me, I hope they'll do it for something that I'm actually guilty of .One thing I do not do, and have never done, and God willing will never do, is accept advertising in any way, shape or form on The Dry Eye Zone/Dry Eye Talk. Much less pander to them.

        As to quality of information, give me a break. The nature of a public forum is, people share their personal experiences and opinions. This has been going on for, what, twenty years, and nobody expects a newsgroup/forum/FB group to adhere to be MedLine.
        Rebecca Petris
        The Dry Eye Foundation