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  • diydry
    Thanks for sharing your story. There is a good chance someone on these forums has experienced problems similar to yours... Question: Is Bio true a contact lens solution? If so, they are not meant for eyes without contacts. Definitely stick with preservative free drops such as Refresh Plus. It's great you stopped the contacts. I'm not sure why you are getting physical objects in your eye though. Probably a good idea to see a doctor or optometrist. Sometimes I will see black and wavy "hairs" against white or blue backgrounds which I believe are floaters inside my eye, but you say you actually see these objects coming out of your eye, so I'm not sure what that is. Do you notice your condition improve when you are not around pets for an extended period? Stay strong!

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  • Aluminated
    started a topic introduction with question

    introduction with question

    Hi. Iíd like to introduce myself and share a little bit of my story. Iím so glad I found yíall. Iím 47 year old female living in Deep South in USA. My eye problems started about 6 months ago with contacts. I had mucus issues for several years but after contacts the strangest most bizarre things started happening. I noticed all sorts of debris in eyes. Physical things that I can actually see and touch. Black fibers, tiny black straight hairs? Black Specks and worst of all cat hair. I have 3 cats and a dog. I got a 15x mag lighted makeup mirror and I use bio true contact lens solution to rinse these particles out. They NEVER stop. Sometimes the hair will not budge and I resort to using Neosporin. These things are quite painful and Some days Iím in the mirror for so long that my neck and hands actually get sore. Itís impossible to ignore. I feel like the only person on earth suffering with this crazy issue. I joined a dry eye FB group and the first time I explained things the admin responded and said something about the ďfeelingĒ of debris and grit in my eyes. I clearly explained itís not a feeling but actual physical things. This was so disheartening. If you canít get support in a support group where can you get it?
    I make jewelry full time so my eyes get quite stressed although I use magnifying devises. I also use my iPad a lot.
    I ditched the contacts after 3 months and got RX progressives. Im using boiled salt water in an eye cup, bio true and preservative free drops as well. We bought 2 air purifiers to help with the pet hair. I got tea tree oil soap and lid and lash cleaner as well as lint rollers and goggles for me to use when I clean the house. NOTHING helps though. Iíve seen ZERO change in the amount of debris coming out of my eyes.
    My main question right now is about the bio true. If itís not preservative free then whatís the point of using those drops? And what can I use instead if bio true? The salt water is causing my face to crack and peel because itís drying out my skin so badly. Iím so miserable. Thank you !