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  • Taping eyelids


    I recently started to tape my eyelids with silicon tape. This seems to be helping my eyes to feel better in the morning,
    but i have one big problem. Sometimes under the tape and the eyelids my eyes gets teared witch makes that the glue on the tape gets on my eyelashes and eventually into the eyes which makes them super red in the morning when
    i wake up, and the day gets really really hard.

    Is it possible to have something between the eyelids and the tape to avoid this problem? Because right now its like a lottery when i wake up and pull the tape.

    Im taping like this today:

    / Marcus
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    Place a piece of Saran wrap tightly over your eyes. Then put a eye mask over that to keep it in place. Then you won't have to worry about tape or glue.


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      Thank you! Do you mean that i should use a regular sleepingmask to keep it in place or moisture chamber glasses?


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        A regular sleep mask is fine. The saran wrap keeps the moisture in your eyers when it is pulled tight over your eyes. The sleep mask keeps it in place without the use of tape.


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          I have dry eye due to the lids not closing all the way when I sleep, so I tried the kitchen wrap trick to hold my lids shut and it worked, but the excess moisture on the lids made me worried about possible infection.

          The kitchen wrap was also hard for me to handle as it clings to itself so easily, so I thought of a heavier clear plastic that might be used to solve both problems. A strip of clear vinyl table cloth cover about 1.5x 5 inches is what I use and I put it on so that there is a gap over the lids and a gap alongside my nose allowing air circulation so moisture isn't trapped on the eye.

          All the plastic strip is doing is holding my lids shut.

          There is moisture under the plastic on my skin above and below my eye lids, but that's less worrisome than all that sweat on my eye for hours overnight.

          The heavier plastic does not stick quite as well as the GladWrap, but it's good enough to work for me.

          I hope this helps somebody,