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Forum user database hacked

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  • Rebecca Petris
    Whoops, I saw this on email and responded to it there (didn't realize it was a post).

    If you're referring to the Dry Eye Shop, there is no relation whatsoever. The forum belongs to the Dry Eye Foundation (separate entity from the shop) and there's no overlap in hosting, software etc between the forum and the shop.

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  • jlg_uk
    started a topic Forum user database hacked

    Forum user database hacked

    Hi there

    Saw the sticky indicating user data potentially compromised.

    I can confirm my email address I used on this forum was, as I've just been spammed with randsomware demands on it. The email address is specific to this forum only so I know this to be the case (every email address I give out is different).

    Could I ask what other data the hack could potentially have gotten? Was is limited to forum data or also included address, payment details etc from the ordering side of things?