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Temperature of warm compress

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  • Temperature of warm compress

    Hi dear all. I have been diagnosed with anterior blepharitis and mgd. I have been adviced to do warm compresses twice a day followed by lid cleaning. What should be the temperature of the warm compress and for how long should I do it? I take filtered water in a big bowl, boil it to around 42 degree Celsius and dip the wash cloth in that to do the warm compress. Also my eyes get irritated by baby shampoo. I am now trying to clean with cotton dipped in warm water. Is that good enough for cleaning or I need something else like baby shampoo for cleaning? If so what can I clean the eyelids with. Kindly suggest. Thank u

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    I use tea tree oil cleanser and bought tranquil eyes for heat on eyelids. The cloth was doing nothing. I have read from doctor post that you need at least 10-15 min straight of heat on your eyes to get some relief.


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      I heat a rice bag in the microwave for 30 seconds and put cotton squares dabbed in hot water on my eyes first so I don't have unsanitary contact with the rice bag. I use Systane lid wipes after makeup removal and in the morning. I don't think cotton with water will help much with cleaning. Super hot compresses can damage your cornea so keep it warm.