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One month post-op PRK questions

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  • One month post-op PRK questions

    I am sorry in advance if my thread is not in the right section.

    1st question: First month post PRK I was using FML steroid drops 4 times per day. I am into my second month now, so I'm down to 3 times per day. Question is: can I put the drops in at let's say 8am, 6pm, and then around 10pm (prefer this way). Or should I do more like 9am, 3pm, then 9pm. Or does it really not matter as long as I use it 3 times per day. I was given no instructions other than the number of times to put the drops in per day.

    2nd question: I work at a car wash and I sweat quite a lot. Also I am around chemicals while at work. Should I be worried about sweat drops getting in my eyes or any type of chemical while at work. Should I maybe wait one more month before going back to work or am I good to go at one month. THANKS!

    EDIT: My surgeon called my procedure ASA (Advanced Surface Ablation), not sure if that affects anything on my second question.

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