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Corner of my eye very red. Also - bad reaction to any eye drop.

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  • Corner of my eye very red. Also - bad reaction to any eye drop.

    Hey guys. This board has helped me so much! But I'm still not feeling better..
    So here's what bothers me. I have every symptom of dry eye, and yet every doctor I go to tells me that I do NOT have dry eye. TBUT was normal, haven't done a Shirmer's yet, maybe will. I've been told I had a tiny bit of bleph but not really enough to matter..
    What OTHER eye problems could there be that can last a long time (until treated) that resemble dry eye symptoms? Also, I notice that my eye reacts negatively to pretty much ANY drop.. even non preservative single use tear lubricants.
    I notice this happens also sometimes. Today the corner of my right eye got a LOT redder after I put a lubricant drop in..

    Does this tell anybody anything?

    I also came across ocular herpes 1.. I've had something similar to this (I was told it was herpes 1) on my tongue which I was treated with acyclovir..
    Could my "dry eyes" be something completely different like that?

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    I'm having very similar symptoms my friend. I used too much visine many months ago and my eyes have not been right since. Doctors say that visine cannot cause permanent damage but something has definitely changed. I have a lot of the symptoms of dry eye but my instincts tell me it's something else. Dry eye treatments do nothing for me and even seem to aggravate my problems on occasion. Sometimes my eyes look similar to yours. I'm not sure if it's conjunctival, corneal or tear film problems. I really don't think two weeks of visine abuse could give me dry eye syndrome for life. Especially since I'm so young. Hang in there and let me know what you find. Hopefully it will all work out. ;}


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      I haven't been using Visine, but I have been wearing contacts for about 10 years. It seems that most doctors agree that my problem is due to contact lens overwear (per day) and maybe even the solution I was using.. (ReNu)
      What I find helps me most is drinking lots of water during the day (better boiled). That way, I feel much better the next day. But if I don't do this, I feel worse the next day.. It's so annoying.
      I also take flax seed caps and that seems to help some..


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        synes89, my eyes look like this when eyelash grows into my eye. It's difficult to see by yourself, doctors should see it and remove it. It happens to me often, that the grow to wrong direction.