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  • Dwelle

    I really love Dwelle but I find that halfway through the bottle, the tip plugs up and I can't get the drops out. Does this happen to anyone else? Often, I sterilize a needle to open it back up. Really don't like to have to do that.

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    Mine gets crusty but it hasn't plugged up. A sterilized needle--sounds good.

    It's just the nature of the ingredients in it---that's why it works better for our dry eyes.



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      That has happened to me only once, and Lucy recommended that I use a sterile needle. It worked well.



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        I've run into that occasionally every since I can remember (even when it was made at the compounding pharmacy years ago with a different type bottle). Hardly ever seen it two bottles in a row, and haven't had seen it myself lately but I get a call every now and then from a customer whose bottle stops up. I'll replace any that happens to, just send an email to the shop. Some people are comfortable with clearing it themselves; if you are, fine, if not, don't hesitate to let me know you need a replacement.
        Rebecca Petris
        The Dry Eye Foundation


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          how much does it help?

          sorry to interrupt this post but I was wondering how much dwelle has helped you. I've had bleph/dry eye X 5-6 yrs and never felt "dryness" even though my doc said i definately had it and am now experiencing it in my left eye only. I found castor oil to be helpful (pure castor oil) BUT i started getting blurry vision for hours after taking it and got extremely scared of course since it is a homeopathic remedy and not prescription. Anyways , I can't stand this burning/menthol sensation and now have a permanent red line in the affected left eye which looks oh so lovely! Anyways, the cosmetic issue is one thing but the pain I can't take! I am worried about starting dwelle because of the perservatives in it.... how long did it take you to start seeing improvements on this med?


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            Thanks everyone for the responses regarding the clogged tip on the bottle. I have found that if I shake the bottle well before each use, it is less likely to happen. It hasn't happened lately on my new bottle but the needle thing works well and no replacement has been needed. ☺