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Eye Drops causing MORE discomfort!

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  • Eye Drops causing MORE discomfort!

    hey all,

    I have dry eyes of the 'always a bit dry, but fight to stay awake in closed rooms with air-con due to the dryness exacerbating' sort, and have decided maybe eye drops are a good idea. I got the 'Vital Eyes' moisturising eye drops, but all they seem to do is make my eyes cloud over and get more uncomfortable for about 20 minutes, then go back to normal...

    any ideas?

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    Hi, MrSeb.

    I'd recommend trying a bland preservative-free drop.

    The ingredients in Vital Eyes are as follows:

    Water for injections, Hamamelis water, Sodium chloride, Alcohol, Euphrasia tincture, Zinc sulphate, Benzoxonium chloride, Naphazoline nitrate, Orange flower water. Lavender water

    The following ingredient is nontoxic but a known skin irritant:

    Benzoxonium chloride

    I try and steer clear of anything that claims to brighten or whiten the eyes.

    Hope this helps!



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      Please go see an opthamologist and get your eyes checked. This is what I did, though a number of friends told me to just buy something over the counter.


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