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Doctor prescribed Naphon A...???

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  • Doctor prescribed Naphon A...???

    I've posted a few times about how my eyes are ALWAYS so red. Well I'm currently seeing a 4th eye doctor now and since I tried almost every treatment, yesterday he told me to stay on doxycycline for a month and put 2 drops a day of Naphcon A into my eyes. I've never used Naphcon A before, but I used to always use all the "get the red out " drops. I asked him if it was just as harmful as Visine, etc., and he said absolutely not, as long as I don't overuse it. I'm kind of nervous because after today I feel like I'm hurting my eyes with these drops, just as if I were on Visine. Does anyone know why he told me to use them or anyone have suggestions as to what I should do??

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    Perhaps the doctor wants you to use these drops (sparingly) to help wean you off the red eye drops you were using so much. There is bound to be rebound redness when you quit using redness reliever drops, so by using these it will ease that transition from 10 times a day. Eventually, you will get to a point where you can stop them altogether.


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      Ok that makes a good point. Thanks for your comment....hopefully this will help!


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        OTC Drops

        I used these for over 20 years - my doc pulled them out of my pocket and threw them in the trash...I am not surprised if you had an eye infection, but if you have dry eye..Naphcon will not help. But I can feel the need to live day by day and have eyes that don't scare everyone...

        Best of luck


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          Thanks....yea it's realy frustrating. My goal this year is to day by day slowly cut down the amount of drops I put in and just try to be strong!!