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Can someone confirm my diagnos -Do I have DES?

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  • Can someone confirm my diagnos -Do I have DES?


    I was looking at my paper fram my eyedoc, and I don't understand my
    Schirmer's test result: o.d. 19, o.s. 22 mmHg. After what I understand, this is above nomal tearproduction? -Can someone give me feedback on this as well, please
    Other things in the paper is:
    visus 1,0 o.u.
    Pressure: 6 mmHg o.u.

    I blink a lot, my eyes feel dry, especially when I'm outside and get wind in my eyes, and when I'm nervous my eyes become RED!!!

    This may sound stupid, but I was doing an "experiment" to day. My eyes where white and fine, then I went to the window with a mirror in my hands, and WHILE I was looking in the mirror while natural daylight touched my eyes, I SAW my eyes just getting more and more RED by the seconds. I know I'm sensitive to light, but what on earth.... ???? My eyes went from being bright white to moderat bloodshot in one minute. Do I have something else than DES, or maybe DES and something else? This really bothers me now..
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    If your schimmers are normal (which it sounds like it) and your eyes still feel dry, then you probably have evaporative dry eye- probably MGD- the glands in the eyelids that produce oil aren't functioning. This is the most common cause of dry eye.

    On this site you will find treatments. You may have ocular rosacea and your eyes are reacting to the heat from the light and nervousness is an emotion that can make people with rosacea (flush) this could be the same case for you but with ocular rosacea instead... not sure about that though.
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      I can't comment on the redness, but it does seem as though you have above-average tear production (your schirmer's scores were high). Sometimes a person's eyes can tear excessively in response to being dry, which seems counterintuitive.

      Something is definitely going on, and if you didn't get a satisfactory answer from your doctor, I think you need to try again (a different doctor, possibly?).

      Good luck!


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        No one here can diagnose or confirm a diagnosis. Please discuss your concerns with your eye doctor, get a second opinion if need be. As others have suggested, the Schirmer's test is generally not a good diagnostic tool for many types of dry eye and can yield a false high reading due to reflex tearing. Ask your doctor to try using Fluorescein dye to evaluate your tear lake volume and look for dry spots on your corneas. You should also ask if your meibomium glands are clogged or if you have blepharitis or ocular rosacea. If your doctor cannot answer these questions or seems to be lost, look for a dry eye specialist. I wish you the best.
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          Thanx for the feedback I will start looking for an dry eye specialist
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            redandsensitive - I too have been told I dont have dry eye, however my eyes constantly feel like there is an eyelash in them and they frequently pain me. With that being said, if you happen to find anything at all please let me know.