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dry eyes, mouth deteriorate with new allergies - connection?

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  • dry eyes, mouth deteriorate with new allergies - connection?


    my name is Irina and I have had dry eyes since being a teenager. I got Lyme but couldn't tolerate any treatment, especially Abx. Recently I did five days of Wild Oregano oil with significant improvement in all symptoms. On day six I woke up with swollen eyes and hives - typical allergy, responded well to OTC tablets. After that I had allergic response to another tincture that I used before without any problems. At the same time my dry eye and mouth symptoms deteriorated significantly, to the point of constant foreign body feeling and sharp pain in my eyes. Unable to open them in the morning without putting drops in, very red eyes in the morning, blurred vision, All within a few weeks.

    My question is - does it look autoimmune to you, could allergy treatment help?

    Another one, I want to buy Tranquileyes goggles but I have -6.5 prescription glasses with astigmatism cylinder in them. I don't think it's possible to put such lenses into goggles? I read that only up to -4 is possible. Could I wear my glasses, plus goggles on the top? I can't bear the symptoms and lead any kind of normalish lifestyle at the moment. I used OTC allergy eye drops without effect (and v.painful). I had an appointment with NHS specialists without any help from them. Tests for Sjogren's came negative, tear duct plugs didn't make any difference.

    I rad testimonies of the UK sufferers and don't see any possibility of professional help for me.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.