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  • Allergic eyes

    So, after 7 months waiting on the NHS (!) finally had an appointment with an eye consultant.

    I told him my history having been previously diagnosed with dry eyes and more recently with MGD (I should say I could see the guy smirking at this point, as if he is thinking 'this chaps been on the internet'!) he preceded to have a look at my lids and said he does not think I have lid margin disease. I have conviced myself my lids are red but he disagreed. He said i'm barking up the wrong tree and to give it a rest on the compresses, massage etc. Anyway, having looked under my top lid as well he confirmed what I previously new that there is a papillary reaction suggesting a perennial allergic reaction, basically saying my issues are conjuctivitis. He also swabbed my eyes (ouch) to check for any infective conjunctivitis just in case, I doubt it is but glad to have it ruled in/out. He did not use the yellow dye though, and so did not check my TBUT. I have a follow up in four weeks, so might ask him to check in any case. So treatment for the next few weeks is:

    Patanol (olopatadine) twice a day
    Artifical tears prn

    First day today, no significant difference but early days.

    My one query about the allergy diagnosis is that although I am pretty sure i have a dust allergy or something due to other symptoms, sneezing mainly, my eyes don't especially itch, they generally feel more dry than itchy? But, i can't see the harm in giving this a stab for a month and see how i get on.

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    Allergic eyes

    I have been diagnosed with dry eyes but my biggest problem is allergy to dust. I discovered it myself after 10 yrs of struggling. The thing is - when certain amount of dust gets into my eyes my eyes get red and burn ( normal dust in house is OK but it becomes a problem when there is more of it - dusty road for example). If I don't use steroid eyedrops the symptoms persist for a week alt least. If I manage to avoid dust (I have to wear glasses while baking a cake for example to avoid dust from flour) my eyes are just fine. A bit on dry side, though, and warm compresses give me some relief. I wish there were eyedrops which help to avoid symptoms after being exposed to dust but all allergy drops contain BAK which make my eyes burn and I haven't tryed them. Overall I'm not an allergic person - I don't sneeze, my eyes are not watery nor itch. The redness and burning develop slowly during several hours after being exposed to dust. This has made it so tricky to discover.


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      I have been on the Olopatadine for three weeks now and can't feel much of a difference Boo!

      As i said previously, I don't have itchy eyes, so the allergy route baffles me a little. After reading around, apparently there is a type IV allergy, could this be the culprit?

      Also, the doctor bascially has made his diagnosis based on the papillary conjunctivitis and my inner lower eyelids being red. Does anyone have a feel for a differential disgnosis of papillary conjunctivitis? I do feel my eyes are somewhat dry in any case, and i wonder about ocular rosacea, but i don't have any facial symptoms. I'd like to be able to go back in a week with a few questions about how he would differentiate between other conditions. It's difficult though...I don't want to be seen to be questioning the abilities of a consultant Opthalmologist,


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