Hello everone; I figured I would cover on a subject that not too many are familiar with.

Just because the allergist tells you that you have allergies, doesn't meant its the only problem you have.
In my family who is genetically strange, Our Immune Systems have developed Reactions to Certain Chemicals and Pharmaceutical drugs.

If you do Enough Research on environmental Medicine You may soon Discover that, all the food we eat, the Water we Drink, the Medication we use, The Cosmetic products, and Soaps we use are all very unnatural.

Most products due to manufacturing processes are made with harsh and deadly chemicals, Some products contain ingredients that Are harmless to some, But Deadly to others.

Some Soaps Contain Preservatives, Called Polyquaternium; Its a cheap chemical used to keep microbes out of your soap that sits on the shelf to, extend shelf life, for some people though it causes allergic reactions.

Furthermore You may have problems with certain medications, chemical sensitivities to them some people react to medicine very differently than others, and can cause unwanted reactions.

To prove my point; How many of you here Have had a Chemical sensitivity.

The most common one allergist hear from is from Tide Laundry Detergent;
Tide Laundry detergent contains a preservative known as formaldehyde. This harsh chemical is used in the manufacturing process to prevent insects and Microbes from developing in your clothes. However For some it is a deadly compound.

Many exist out there know that they cannot wash their clothes in Tide Laundry Detergent because their skin breaks out in rashes.

Do some research on the products you are using, you may find that what you are using and what you are keeping in your environment is the cause of your disease.

Good luck my friends, and may the inflammation Cease

Remember Doctors can only do so much for your problems. I have seen doctors treat people with medication for Lung Cancer, but fail to explain the deadliness of Cigarettes to their patient who is smoking.

I believe All diseases are caused by something where doing, not what anyone else does. The things that kill you are in your area and the things or products you use, until you eliminate the problem meds only go so far.

good luck