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Interesting online article re: Allergic Conjunctivitis (mentions GPC too)

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  • Interesting online article re: Allergic Conjunctivitis (mentions GPC too)

    Link to article "Allergic Conjunctivitis: Causes and Cures"

    Some points I found interesting:

    Allergic conjunctivitis is a condition where the signs and symptoms often don't match—the symptoms are often greater than the signs.
    A side effect that is clinically seen with topical antihistamines is headache that resolves with discontinuation of the drop.
    Remember that while an antihistamine drop can make an immediate impact, a mast cell stabilizing drop requires a few weeks to take effect. The combination drops of antihistamine/mast cell stabilizers do offer the convenience of immediate relief from the antihistamine while the mast cell stabilizer works to reduce symptoms long term and offer the convenience of once or twice a day dosing.

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    Interesting article...Dry-Eye seems to have so many different causes that it makes it difficult to diagnose a particular cause for a particular patient. However, I've noticed that the same remedies are prescribed over and over again regardless of which Doctor you see. It seems that treating the symptoms is the typical regimen and not much attention is given to diagnosing the root cause. This is the frustrating part of Dry-Eye...none of the typical remedies work. Also, I've noticed more and more Ophthalmology web sites stating that they are the Dry-Eye "Experts", however, upon further checking, it seems the term "Experts" is just a marketing term used to entice patients who are at the end of their ropes and who will cling to anyone who offers any hope at all. Note: there are some very fine Ophthalmologists that truly want to help but please be careful of the Dry-Eye "Puppy-Mills" that are starting to spring up just to get in on the Dry-Eye 'Gravy Train'.



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      rppnj, I agree with everything you say. First there are all the co-morbidities. Then there are the less-then scrupulous doctors. When you finally find a gem, you are skeptical and slow to turn on the hope spigot. Eventually, you get there....


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        I totally agree here, as I have not ever had a actual diagnosis, unless you would call extreme dry eyes a diagnosis. I do not, and I'm at a complete loss as to why I developed this and how to get rid of it. I've been told by my opth. that I can expect to have this my entire life (talk about a life sentence) and it may someday get better, to where I will only need drops occasionally (instead of 100's of drops a day) I'm becoming angry and frustrated at trying to diaganose myself, but that is what many of us are left with. I've got a lot of allergies and eczema so considered Atopic for sure, not one Dr. I've seen has tried anything really except Restasis which I can not tolerate. I'm thinking of just telling them I'm ready to be experimented on at this point, because something is wrong and something could help me. Thanks for posting.


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