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Would you rule out allergies as a cause if your Shirmer's scores are low?

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  • Would you rule out allergies as a cause if your Shirmer's scores are low?

    If my Shirmer's test show's low tear film production, would that rule out allergies as a cause? In other words, if allergies were the cause of my eyes burning, could I still have normal tear film production, or would the allergies themselves actually be doing something to decrease the tear film production?

    I've had several ophthalmologists tell me that my eyes have "an allergic look to them". I do have allergies, I was tested for about 100 different allergens and I am allergic to a variety of dusts, molds, and pollens. I went through about 30 months of immunotherapy shots before having to quit for financial reasons. But I never had any improvement, at all. Had I continued another year or two maybe I would have, but I was at the maximum concentration when I quit.

    I've tried Pataday by two doctors. It didn't help at all. The only topical which has ever relieved the burning is Alrex, which I can't stay on permanently anyway since it's a steroid.

    My eyes mostly just burn, all the time. Occassionally my lid margins will itch, but not very often. It's mainly just a dry burning sensation.

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    sounds exactly like me in regards to constant burning not much itching. Dr. Latkany told me i must have allergies based on how red they are. I got tested and only had very minor allergies to dust mite and mold, which would not likely cause this kind of irritation. I tried elimination diets which did not improve my symptoms.

    Dr. ****** found demodex on my lashes. Dr Steven Saffran suspects people might be allergic to these mites, which is why they have allergies but cannot find relief. Pataday gives me almost complete relief, but only for about 3 hours. I'm going to see Dr Saffran on Friday to get his tea tree oil treatment. (see article link below). It sounds like you are a little different (no relief from allergy drops), but I'll let you know how it goes.

    My experience with Alrex though, is that it is weak enough that you can use it frequently as long as you do it under the supervision of your doctor who will test your pressure regularly. Different Drs likely have different views on this though. But if you do not get relief from any allergy drop, you likely don't have allergies. have you tried them all? I did not get relief with lastacaft but got it with pataday. Pataday seems to be the gold standard.


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      Pataday is the only one I've tried, but I'll ask about any others next time I see a doc. I'll be interested to know how your tea tree oil treatment goes.


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