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allergy shot therapy and dry eye connection???

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  • allergy shot therapy and dry eye connection???

    As I sit trying to not be depressed about this situation and run through every and any life change/scenario that could have brought this on I realized that at the same time the allergy shot treatments started to help, about 6 months ago, the dry eye problem seemed to start and progress? Is it possible there's a connection? I'd really like for a doctor to weigh in on that as well, if possible.

    Also, roughly around the same time the dry eye situation was worsening, I was hospitalized with a severe staph infection in my arm. I was give so much vancomycin it was unreal. Could that have any link to dry eye.

    Thanks, just searching, or reaching, for possibilities.

    I'll try to also post this in the 'questions for docs' section.

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    I'm pretty sure that allergy shots and dry eye are not connected. I started having problems with dry eye before I ever began to take allergy shots, and the only reason I began taking allergy shots is because my dry eyes couldn't handle the drying effect of prescription allergy medicines.


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      Im doing shots right now, but my DES started well before them. Anything is possible though...everybody's eyes are different and getting allergens injected into your body could certainly effect you differently than someone else.



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        its unlikely that your still around, but would be grateful for an update if you are. my eyes have got worse too since trying shots but other things have been going on which could also be the reason so i cannot be sure at this point if thats why.
        People have recovered, so can we.


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          there is no reason they would get worse. if you have an allergy component to your eyes, they would get better. .


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