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When can I start living a normal life?

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  • When can I start living a normal life?

    When I first got Blepharitis it wasn't that bad. I didn't notice dryness that much unless I was on the computer. I was told to do warm compresses and all that stuff and eventually I wouldn't have to do much of the treatments and still maintain moist eyes. It's been 5 months and my blepharitis actually got worse. I'm still not seeing any improvement, I'm starting to do warm compresses for 5-8 minutes about 3-4 times a day now and eye lid scrubs at least 1-2 times a day(btw after doing eyelid scrubs my eyes feel drier because of the water that gets in my eyes, I'm not sure if these are even working). I hate blepharitis so much I feel like I have to live like this forever. When will this get better? 5 months with no improvement is really sad to me and makes me feel like it's going to be like this forever.

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    Dear Romeodakins,
    I had Blepharitis for over 6 months and was going insane with it. My friend used an facial scrub with Benzethonium Chloride in it and killed her Blepharitis which had moved up onto her eyelids. It was an antibacterial scrub. I could not find that product any longer so I looked on line what other products had Benzethonium Chloride in them. I ended up using WETONES, antibacterial hand wipes, with Benzethonium Chloride in them .
    I tore each one into 8 sections and used 2 on each eyelash area. I did that 4 times a day for a week and a half. After that, I went down to 3 times a day for a month. After that, I went down to 2 times a day for several months. Once or twice after that it itched and I jumped on it for a day or two with the wipes and then it was gone for good.
    There were 3 doctors who looked into my eyes and could not find the Blepharitis, including the Dr. who diagnosed the Blepharitis.
    This may sound too easy and too cheap but I was desperate. Desperate sometimes calls for a desperate cure.
    You can wear mascara at the same time as killing this.
    It involves throw away wands (order from internet) and cosmetic applicators (drug store). New makeup and never put a used wand or applicator into the new makeup.
    Use 2 wash rags to do your eyes so as to not re-infect eyes. I used white to be able to bleach them.
    Several are getting back to me and letting men know how quick they are getting relief.
    I learned to post to be able to get this info out. I know how horrible it feels.
    Wish you well soon.


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