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How do others really view our eyes?

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  • How do others really view our eyes?


    I just wanted to see what everyone has to say, from their own experiences, about how others view your eyes. Obviously the eyes are the first and main thing that people see when you encounter them in a face to face, but a lot of it depends on the lighting, are you inside or outside, etc. Another big factor is how close you are from the person you're talking to i.e. 1 feet, two feet. I guess what I'm really talking about is the redness of the eyes and how noticeable that really is to others. I feel that at times people may notice my eyes are red but just not say anything, and at other times some people may not notice at all, or just don't care. Sure, some people have said stuff over the years like "your eyes look red", or "did you have a rough night". But I feel like most people don't notice or care as much as we think they may. What do you guys think?

    And also, from all the worrying and anxiety that dry, red eyes has caused people, has having this disease really prevented anyone here from doing what they wanted to do i.e. getting offered a job, getting another date with someone. Or at least that they are aware of? And I'm not talking about a lack of confidence to even try for a job or date, I'm talking about actually being told no to a job or by another girl/guy specifically because of their eyes. I know that stuff like acne is a turnoff sometimes for guys/girls, but are dry red eyes really something that can make or break you?

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    I think that people often don't notice the redness but rather the way I'm blinking in abnormal way, because my eyes hurt. A lot of times, my friends think that i was smoking weed, but that's nonsense of course, I stopped that years ago. But sometimes I just tell them "yeah, sure" just to get rid of them. Because I'm pretty sure some of my friends wouldn't listen if I tell them about MGD and blepharitis.


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      I don't know about this. The appearance gets me down! My own sister said to me last night (knowing my eye problems): "oh your eyes look really red and sore" then "you can tell there is something wrong because they used to be so white". Ahhhh I was just so sad. Obviously the most important thing is being able to use my eyes comfortably rather than appearance but when both are an issue it's so difficult. I am finding myself avoiding eye contact and struggling to get on with my days. I just can't see an end to this! If they looked normalish I feel like I might be able to deal with it better. I always look tired and bleary eyed it's so embarrassing! I barely even drink alcohol and I don't smoke. So unfair! I've been driving myself mad listing things that have maybe contributed to me getting into this situatiom, the mistakes I have made, I just can't deal with it properly at all. xx


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