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  • Very tough

    Started to have dry eyes 3 months ago.
    Pain. Cannot stand wind. At work air conditioning is tough.
    Gets strong at night, last night slept 2 hours.
    First I have been told that I have mild dry eyes.
    But last time I went to the doctor he understood I suffer.
    He was pessimistic that anything more then eye drops can help.
    Sent me to cornea clinic.
    Everything takes so long. I have to wait for the clinic now. I am waiting for
    moisture chamber googles and, and googles for night from abroad, dont know when I
    will get them.
    I dont know if anything will help.
    It is very tough for me.
    Also feeling remorse for refractory surgeries I did (Last one 12 years ago).
    It might be related.
    e.g. after the surgery I did then I had even much more serious dry eye that was mirculously cured after 2.5 years.
    That is especially why I think it might be related.

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    Sorry to hear how you are suffering. How did you recover last time?


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      Last time honey helped.


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        The moisture chamber glasses should hopefully help with the wind and air con. I use Ziena Verona ones with photochromatic lenses and find they help a lot.

        At night I use VitA-Pos ointment, mornings are still tough though.

        There's other options the cornea ophthalmologist can try beyond eye drops, however artificial tear drops really can help a lot so there is hope in that too. Thealoz Duo really helps me. You can also try an optometrist in the future for bandage lens options (soft lenses or sclerals).
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          I have got ziena Kai.
          They do help a lot. At work they have 3 powerful air conditioning. This glasses get fog constantly, and spray dont help.
          Ointment doesnt help me at night, Tried also VitA-Pos, but last few nights I slept well. Got up many times to put drops, but got enough sleep.
          Doctor say I have mild dry eye, but some people seem to suffer much mor then others from this condition.

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            I guess if you are a light sleeper then one could possible be more bothered by symptoms while trying to fall asleep.


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              How often should I put eye drops.
              Is every hour Ok.
              It does alleviate me.


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                Originally posted by Member View Post
                I guess if you are a light sleeper then one could possible be more bothered by symptoms while trying to fall asleep.
                Thanks. Thats true probably.
                And if I dont sleep well, like tonight, I feel much worse. In my eyes, and emotionally too.
                I am holding by my teeth, to the meeting with the specialist, in 9 days.
                Really hope he can do something. He says he does more test, and can give more treatment.


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                  Sorry things are so tough. Even though your doctor says you have mild dry eyes, the quality of your tear film may be poor.

                  What type of night protection goggles did you order? I found wearing goggles with a solid seal while sleeping can make a difference whether I start off the next day having less dry eyes. EyeSeals 4.0 work well for me...besides my eyes feeling better in the morning, I can tell these goggles seal out the air while I sleep because every morning the eye cups have a lot of condensation inside.


                  You might want to go for a scleral lens consult to see if you are a candidate to wear sclerals sooner rather than later. I wear mines 10-12 hours a day, and it helps reduce the discomfort from the dryness so I can function better. Plus my eyes seem to feel better on the days in between when I wear my glasses, after being protected by several days wearing the sclerals. Here’s a link to a good description of sclerals on the PROSE website (which I wear), but there are other brands, and really the expertise of the fitter is most important:


                  Hope you find some relief soon!


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                    Thanks for understanding and information.
                    I have ordered

                    Quartz silicon shield
                    Still waiting


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                      I have much less pain now.
                      The moisture chamber glasses seem to help.
                      Also I have received antibiotic drops, that helped clear inflammation that i had.
                      I find it hard to sleep with night protection goggles so I don't use them now.
                      But I sleep nearly as usual by now.
                      I wake up a few times at night, put lubricant, and return to sleep.
                      I always wake up at night so this is nearly normal.
                      My mood is also much better.
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                        This morning I have noticed discharge, So Seems I have infection again.
                        I have treated infection twice. So it seems I have recurring infections.
                        So depressing, and also I think many treatments are not applicable for recurring infections...
                        Maybe also the moisture chamber glasses and humidity cause this?


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