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Spiritual Help for Dry Eye

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  • Spiritual Help for Dry Eye

    I know those of you out there may not be religious, but lol, if some of you who have dry eye may have became religious like me, in search for any solution to this horrible disease, let me know

    If You have all but lost hope in your life and need Spiritual Guidance on some matters Please consult with me, If you are wanting to handle this disease from outside the box.

    I know for one that some things in life are just too difficult to handle on your own, and concerning the physical and emotional battles we face. That is why I believe I have come upon great knowledge when thinking outside the box.

    If you are open minded, it might not hurt.

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    Hi MelbomianGlandMan,

    I understand the point. Despite I'm an atheist, this disease made me think about some spiritual thing to hold... at least sometimes. It is hard to cope, to deal with hopeless, with no reason why this is happening.

    I have learned a lot with your researches on nutrition. For two and a hslf months I'm taking 1 liter of water kefir, and for a month I'm in a vegan (without dairy), and gliten free diet (a very natural diet following the prescription of a nutritionist.
    I would like to know if you got better following the diet/nutrition you have posted in some threads here.



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      It's interesting how this problem affects people differently. For me, since on the whole religion issue I'm kind of of the opinion that "maybe God exists and maybe he doesn't", and therefore have no confidence in whether or not there is anywhere to "go" after this life (ex. heaven), I feel that much more stubborn about grabbing every bit of enjoyment I can out of life despite having eyes that suck by normal standards... you know, just in case this life is all there is... can't waste it... (here's to hoping I live to 150 lol... won't have time to DO everything I want to do otherwise!!)
      Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
      Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo this mess?


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        I'm not an atheist. I fully believe in an afterlife. My auntie passed away tonight, unfortunately I was one hour late to the hospital and wasn't there at the time. But I like to think she is in a better place. She was only 67.


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          im interested Meibomianglandman


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            I have a decent story for this topic. My mom is a spiritual person and she had a dream where a person recommended her to tell your son (me) to drink milk for a few months or a year to be cured.

            After further research, I discovered that milk contains lactoferrin a very powerful supplement that is anti inflammatory and boosts immune system. Might be hope?


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              im kinda lacto intollerant.. ru taking lactofferin supplments?? i wonder if it helps with dryness from sjogrens or just mgd?