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Swollen lid margin

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  • Swollen lid margin

    Been having a lot more trouble with 1 eye lately since the eyelid started swelling, has been more painful and drier than ever. Its the top eyelid that is swollen and the lid margin is noticeably thicker and redder than the other one and there are 2 little lumps which look like blocked glands, so I'm thinking blocked/ infected glands maybe? but this has been going on more than 3 months and I can't seem to get any relief, had intraductal probing done which I thought would be the answer and the dr said there was definitely skin covering all the glands, but its still the same, do the usual lid hygiene, and compresses but try to avoid compresses as they seem to make it worse rather than better. What else can I try??

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    Do you think the probing caused the swelling? I am trying IPL. I've had only one treatment. It did reduce the swelling after only one treatment.