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Permanent makeup / Microblading (eyebrows)

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  • Permanent makeup / Microblading (eyebrows)

    I have dry and VERY sensitive eyes (didn't used to have sensitive eyes tho), so applying makeup is unfortunately not an option anymore. My eyebrows is not particularly symmetrical, and I really need to fill them out for them to look good. I do not feel good without doing it, but I can not.

    Now I'm considering trying microblading but are a little worried about this, since I do not tolerate any type of makeup? I know that the ink quickly gets covered over by skin, so my eyes will not be very long in contact with the ink. I'm also a bit skeptical about the blade will touch the tear gland located just below the eyebrow.

    Is there anyone here who knows more about this? And that might have permanent makeup on my eyebrows?

    I know that I can ask my eye doctor, but I do not think he have much experience with permanent makeup. Microblading shall not go so deeply into the skin as usual permanent makeup, but I do not know ...

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    I have permanent makeup on my eyebrows and have not had any issues. The microblading has lasted the longest and I will definitely do it again when it starts to fade. I also wear eye makeup with scleral lenses Hope this helps


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