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Questions about eyelash loss

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  • Questions about eyelash loss

    Hi all,

    I have had several cysts/ chalazions throughout the year and I have many questions which would greatly be appreciated if you guys could help me out with this.

    On my left eye, one of those times I got which I believe to be a stye because it grew to a white head on top of my eyelid. I was so stupid back then to pop it twice like you would pop a zit! It left me with a little scar on the eyelid. It did not go away so I got surgery done. After 1 year there still is a little bump with becomes red when touched or irritated. Would this be scar tissue or still a nodule? On this eye there is also aproximately a third less eyelash in density then on the other eye, is this because of the stye? Are these eyelashes permanently gone? It is really bothering me!

    Now on my right eye there is still a 5 months old small lump from which I believe to be a chalazion. It gets much less easier red. My eyelashes here were fine but the last 3 days it also seems more sparse, is it my imagination or is it the national process of shedding and growing of lashes? Or does a inactive chalazion affect my eyelash follicles?

    I know these are hard questions, but any insight is welcome!


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    Chalazion are blocked meibomian glands. There is some reason for this happening. Chornic MGD? Has anyone said anything like this? If you have MGD you can lose lashes with more frequency then the normal growing shedding cycle. So yes, your lashes can become more sparse, I believe. Best to get diagnosed accuratly and treated as quickly as possible, IMO.


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      For me it sounds like demodex. Have you been tested?


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        Thanks for the replies. I had written it down incorrectly. In my life I have had 4/5 cases of chalazion/stye in total. The one of the left eye I thought was a stye because it came to a white head, and a stye is an infection of the hair follice I thought? This eye is where the most eyelash density loss is noticable compared to my right eye. This is the third time of such a case iin 3 years. If it is an infection of 1 eyelash follice, how come there are more eyelashes lost? Is this loss permanent? It has been this way for 1.5 years. I think this last one was because I put on another persons swimming goggles. The day after I got the stye.

        Now on my right eye it did not come to a white head. The lashes after this occurence were finee for 5 months, but the last two days it seems a little less. Is it possible that in those months before the eyelashes were ok, then in a few days it affects the eyelashes suddenly? I mean there is only a small nodule on my upper eyelid, can this still destroy the follicels?

        I have not been tested yet, because my regular doctor thinks it is no big deal. I will visit hem once again. But I'm worried my eyelashes will be more sparse over time because the nodules have not gone completely and it will gradually kill the follicles...


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          Let me narrow my question down to: is it likely to suddenly lose eyelashes because of a calm chalazion that has been there for half a year?


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