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Bad experience with Prokera

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  • Bad experience with Prokera

    I lasted 3 hours with the Prokera lens and those 3 hours were pure misery. My eye closed from swelling and was throbbing. I was suppose to keep the lens in for 2 weeks. This lens was big and the edges so rigid I am wondering if I am just super sensitive or if others have had a similar experience. Thanks

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    For those experiencing pain with Prokera, sorry, that sounds like an allergic reaction to the lens. My AMT tissue implant was a surgical procedure done in two stages, each time, small piece of tissue sutured in place. Doc does not like the possible movement with the Prokera lens. Had no difficulty with both surgeries with these small pieces of amniotic tissue, my problem is with the apparent injury to the levator muscle holding the eyelid open. After second implant on lower part of eye, I have this sagging eyelid with heaviness and blurring in my vision in the left eye. Ocularplastic surgeon says that type of surgery may injure the muscle from retractor during surgery. Am waiting evaluation for surgery on that eyelid. I do still have the same symptom of constant blinking to clear cloudy vision that began my journey in treating dryeye many months ago.


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      This all sounds so scary. I also have multiple issues, and blinking, sensitivity etc. etc. There has got to be a better way!
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        Many people experience pain with the ProKera device. Usually the pain is attributed to the device itself, the large ring. It can also be caused by the medium(solvent solution) the device is frozen in or the antibiotics that are used in its processing. There are other amniotic membranes that can be applied and a small bandage contact lens put over it for comfort. I would ask your eye care provider if they have heard of Katena/IOP product or Seed Biotech Aril.


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          Thank you for your comments. I look forward to hearing more as I am new to this site. I am still feeling traumatized by the ProKera experience last week.


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