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Looking for 100% Serum/PRP in the US Upper Midwest

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  • Looking for 100% Serum/PRP in the US Upper Midwest

    Hello all, so far I've identified two locations where to get autologous serum tears in Minnesota (at the Phillips Eye Institute of the Allina Health in Minneapolis, MN and at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN). The PEI deal is as follows: for $295, you get fifty (50) 2ml vials to be stored frozen. Frozen vials are good for 90 days and each vial is good for 2 days in the fridge after removal from freezer. The Mayo deal is as follows: for $270, you get forty-eight (48) 2ml vials to be stored in the freezer. Frozen vials are good for 180 days and each vial is good for 7 days in the fridge after removal from freezer. Both PEI and the Mayo compounding pharmacies make drops with 20% serum and I kind of feel that both places are offering the same thing but PEI is just being a bit more conservative with the storage of vials. Anyhow, the 20% serum drops are helping somewhat but progress is painfully slow. Does anyone know of another place in the US upper Midwest where to get serum (especially 100% and/or PRP)? I haven't tried calling locations in Wisconsin, for instance, where I could easily drive to. Chicago might also be another place that I could drive to, so it might be worth calling Northwestern and Chicago University eye clinics and pharmacies. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks in advance. ~Gerri

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    This could be too far for you but Hankm9 got plasma drops in St Louis MO. He mentions Dr. Jarka in St Louis and said he paid $250.00 for 6 bottles of plasma drops (he estimates that's approx a 6-month supply).

    This thread has lots of info re: plasma drops (also called E-PRP) versus serum drops:

    Good luck.


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      Thanks, spmcc! I appreciate the tips. I have a three month supply of 20% serum and my hope is that by the time October comes around, I will be able to locate a pharmacy that can compound 100% serum. So thanks again. Very grateful you took the time to respond. Best, ~Gerri


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        UIC Ear and Eye Infirmary offer serum drops, not sure on the % but theoretically any compounding pharmacy could make them 100% its just depending on whether your dr prescribes it. i cannot remember the cost of them.


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          Thanks grant555! I appreciate. I'll call them to find out more. Best, ~Gerri


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            I'm on the east coast so I can't recommend a convenient place for you to get serum tears. I started serum tears last October. I had my eyes scanned back in December 2013 and my nerves were down 70%. I had them scanned again in March 2014 and the nerves were down 60%. In June 2014 the scans showed that I was down 50%.

            I thought that It would be a good idea to bump up the serum percentage thinking I would heal quicker. I am currently taking about 20% serum. My doctor stated that if I went higher my nerves could grow back incorrectly and that I could cause a whole set of other problems. He said it's best to start with a low % and move up if there wasn't regrowth.


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              Thanks, djlasik! I appreciate this insight. How many times per day do you use your 20% serum? Have you increased/decreased the dose since you began? Also, do you feel that your eye surface feels less dry? Thanks again. ~Gerri


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                I use the drops 8x a day. My doctor said that anything less is a waist of time. The strength has stayed the same through each measurement. I also use Lotemax to keep the inflammation down as that will kill the nerves. The serum drops creates an environment to grow the nerves. DryLondoner has also created a thread in the Open Forum (PATIENTS ONLY) area on serum drops you may want to give that a look.


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                  Thanks again, djlasik! You know, my doctor initially prescribed the 20% to be used 4 times a day. I simply began using them more (about 8 times) just because I didn't see why I should waste my expensively-made serum (I was told to use each 2ml vial for only 2 days)! And indeed, I saw a difference when I increased the dosage. Yesterday, he said I may use them six times a day but I thought, well, I won't argue with him but I'll verify how often others use this. So thanks again! ~Gerri


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