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Moisture Chamber Glasses for High Prescriptions - Questions

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  • Moisture Chamber Glasses for High Prescriptions - Questions

    I would like to get a pair of moisture chamber glasses but I have -9.50 vision so my options are limited. I知 mostly interested in keeping the wind out of my eyes when I am outside and protecting them from fans indoors.

    Does anyone have any experience with putting a high prescription in a Wiley X or using the services of Heavy Glare thinks they can put my prescription in a Wiley X Arrow Rim with inserts. I知 a little nervous because my local optician contacted Wiley痴 lab in California and they said the most they would attempt is up to -8.25.

    If I can稚 go with the Wiley X, I知 looking at SeeFit MEGs. Does anyone have these in a high prescription? I emailed SeeFit several weeks ago but never heard back. Does anyone know the size of the lenses? I知 thinking if they are too large, I may not get a good result even though they say they can go to -10.00. (I generally buy the smallest lenses/frames I can.) I知 also thinking that if they are too flimsy, they might not be able to hold the thicker lenses I will need.

    Does anyone use the stick on magnifiers? I知 wondering if these would work instead of getting bifocals or progressives.

    Does anyone use safety glasses side shields clip ons? Are these enough to keep the wind out? (Although I could try this option for about $10.00, so I wouldn稚 be out much if I tried it and it didn稚 work.)

    Thanks for any input you can give me.

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    Hi Cat,

    I have a higher rx and it is my understanding that the MEGS would be difficult to have a high prescription because they have to drill through the lens. Trying to put a high script in a wraparound is pretty much impossible because the front of the lens is flat. If they tried with your script, it would probably cause distortion. I had called heavyglare in the past about the same issue.

    For home use, you could try goggles that fit over your glasses or see if you can find an optician who can make moisture chambers on your regular glasses.

    Best wishes,


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