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Ziena Verona moisture chamber glasses review

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  • Ziena Verona moisture chamber glasses review

    I have severe dry eye due to LASIK surgery that I had in 2005. Moisture chamber glasses make a massive difference in the comfort and health of my eyes. I'm always on the lookout for commercially available moisture chambers that look more normal and fit small faces like mine...

    So, with that being said, here is my review of the Ziena Verona moisture chamber glasses that I just received today. I have the clear frost semi-opaque silicone shields on mine. I ordered the tortoise colour frames and plain sharpview clear lenses (not readers).

    The fit: These fit a tiny bit smaller than the Wiley X AirRages (great for smaller faces), and on my face, seal better than the newer lower profile Wiley X foam gaskets. The Ziena Veronas fit about the same as Harley Davidson Tori sunglasses although might let in a bit more draft from above depending on the shape of your face and how snugly you have them shoved onto your face haha. These provide a tighter seal on my face than SeeFit MEGs.

    Appearance: Suitable for wearing in the workplace and a massive improvement over other commercially available options. Yes, people will notice there's something different about these as there's no hiding the semi-transparent silicone shields (but if you pretend all is normal, 99.9% of the time others will do the same). From afar I don't think most people casually glancing over at you would notice anything unusual about these (a HUGE improvement over the impossible to miss goggle-like appearance of the clear-lens Wiley X AirRages)... it's only when you get closer that the silicone shields are noticed.

    Quality: They look very well made. The silicone shield is held firmly in place by tiny magnets with no slippage. Take note of Rebecca's info in the Dry Eye Shop about proper cleaning though... apparently soap and water could loosen the glue that hold the magnets in place, so don't use that for cleaning.

    Storage: If you want a zippered, firm case for these that fits, the Wiley X black zippered cases work well (you can see them here:

    Customization/Adjustability: These have nose pads which can be adjusted. There are also anti-slip ear grips available (I haven't tried them though).

    I literally just received these today - the main thing that stopped me from ordering them months ago was fearing they wouldn't fit my face. Hopefully this review helps others figure that out sooner than I did!

    I bought these as a replacement for my clear-lens Wiley X AirRage's that I've been wearing around home. These feel like a total upgrade! You can see the Ziena Verona's in Rebecca's shop here:
    Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
    Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo this mess?

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    Thank you for this outstanding review! I've been considering the Ziena glasses for guys in the dry eye shop for a long time, but have yet to take the plunge. I'm glad you feel it's office friendly more so than the Wiley's as this is a big consideration for me, plus fits a slimmer face. Would be curious to hear if it continues to work for you over the coming weeks.


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      I think the only question in my mind will be how long the silicone shields last, will they get misshapen over time, etc. Rebecca's comments here ( keep me optimistic in that regard though :

      "It varies a lot with usage. Some people replace them every few months - that's if they are using them full time, or if they are getting very soiled from either makeup or perspiration. It's more common not to change them till a year or more, but like I said it all depends on how frequently and for how long they are getting used."

      "...I find the shields surprisingly durable, though they are prone to get makeup stains. They're replaceable, though, and also under manufacturer warranty for a year in case anything goes wrong like loss of magnets."
      Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
      Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo this mess?


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        SAAG I also wear Ziena glasses. I like how I can take out the silicone if it is not very windy or if it is humid enough and just have them as normal sunglasses. It is not a perfect seal but it does help mostly in windy places or if I am biking.


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