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Trouble finding moisture chamber glasses with a full seal??

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  • Trouble finding moisture chamber glasses with a full seal??

    I have tried MOST Wileys and 7 eye frames (went to a local Harley store that had a WIDE selection).

    The 7 eyes come nowhere NEAR providing a full seal.

    The frame that provides the closest seal is the Wiley Gravity. Does anyone else use this frame? If so, have you also found other frames that provide a good seal?

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    I found absolutely nothing with even close to a good seal. If you are talking about things you wouldn't wear in public, the quartz here came the closest. But they aren't meant to be see-thru (they are hazy) and slid into my eyes because they are cut pretty small. Wilson Ophthamalic also has some goggles that look completely silly but work for some. also has some goggles that are basically individual patches.

    I ended up being creative. I added various stuff to fill in the gaps in cheap motorcycle glasses (i.e. hot glue, foam, or clear wax for earplugs). And then eventually I just ended making up my own eye patches.

    I saw an ad in my inbox today for (banggood is a very very very cheap place to buy junk from china) that had "bicycle" glasses. They appear to have foam, but it doesn't seem to be sealed and I have no idea about the fit. Often in general the items from banggood are sized to fit smaller people (because people there are smaller on average). For $5.38 plus 10% off and free shipping it might be worth taking a look:

    They have other glasses also. These just jumped out at me because I could see the foam. Be aware though - stuff from banggood takes FOREVER to arrive. Like sometimes months!

    Also I think you are not supposed to post new questions here in the archives. You post them in like the patients forum, and then they get moved here later. (not 100% sure about that, but if so probably a lot more people will see your question up in the other forum?).


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