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What do you use for eyelid cleaning/ scrubs?

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  • What do you use for eyelid cleaning/ scrubs?

    I used to use lidcare with the bottle and the wipes seperate, then they combined them and now its quite expensive for only a few of the wipes, used sterilid for a while but also quite expensive for a bottle. Have started using these in eye cup

    but I think I need something like the wipes/ scrubs as well, I was thinking of buying some sort of wipes but not sure what to use, if certain wipes will not be suitable etc. Was thinking of putting some eyebright or possible tea trea oil on a wipe?

    What do you think? What do you use/ find effective?

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    I like Ocusoft scrubs. They are expensive too, but better than baby shampoo which is the least expensive. I've used Cliradex wipes with tea tree oil which is also expensive. Some here do use diluted tea tree oil, but I am not sure of the ratio. I'd be careful with the tea tree oil. Sending good wishes.


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      I use blephasol for everything! Great for make up removal, lid expression and just general cleaning.
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