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Meibomian gland expression: maintenance or murder?

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    Originally posted by Colin P View Post
    Or maybe invest in one of these-LOL... (also available in Pink)...


    Wait... I'd need a hole in the pillow to accommodate the protruding snorkel though... I DO have my very own snazzy snorkeling mask and snorkel ya know (in blue mind you... I'm not a pink kind of girl )... maybe it's time to dig it up LOL

    Time to dig out my fabric scissors and get to work on that hole in my pillow!!!

    Anyone else want to join me and try out this grand experiment for themselves? Would be good to do a multi-center trial on this....
    Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
    Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo this mess?


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      I've noticed that warm compresses seem to be good for me. However, when I do try to express the glands my eye pain increases and it can last for days. I'm not even 'aggressive' about it.


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        I've experienced the same thing. If I use the occu-soft scrubs I'm in pain for a day or two afterwards.


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          I also notice that I get eye pain after trying to express my glands, even without being overly aggressive. I wonder if it has to do with poor quality lipids being released in the eye?


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              Originally posted by Rebecca Petris View Post
              Please see Sandra Brown MD's article on appropriate and inappropriate use of meibomian gland expression. I would love to get feedback on this topic. It is a big concern of mine lately.

              Hi,i was getting too much oil. First doc had me doing 2 times a day. My doc now says once a day and dont overdo the massage.



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