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​The conflict of hot compresses. Anyone else experience this?

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  • ​The conflict of hot compresses. Anyone else experience this?

    Sometimes I feel a conflict between when to do hot compresses and when to not do them. Like my eyes feel 'fair' and I think a compress may help improve the oil flow but then you have a fear that thinking that a hot compress will make your eyes drier?

    Perhaps it is just my own little anxiety?

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    Few theories as to why I think they may become 'drier'

    a) The heat by its nature can make the eye seem drier?
    b) My expectations for doing the compress are high (I expect to get a return on my investment). Having high expecations and getting poor results contributes to me thinking that the compress has if anything made my eyes drier. High expecations leads to dissapointment regarding the result even if their result is fair.

    I guess this is my own psychological reading of the sitiation. I am just thinking out loud and sharing.


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      Okay I decided to do a hot compress in the end just there now. I feel that I would rather be in the situation I was BEFORE doing the compress. My eyes feel drier and I don't feel more lubricated. Therefore my typical conflict.


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        Perhaps the conclusion could be that the effects of doing hot compress aren't instant and therefore patience should be noted. It is more delayed affect - when the inflamation caused by the hot compress has subsided?


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          Just my thoughts: Unfortunately we seem to have unique issues. For me, I use warm cotton balls to moisten and clean, followed up with a warm rice baggy for 2 minutes, I don't press the rice baggy, I keep it loose, using my forehead to anchor the baggy. If I use too hat of water or too warm of a rice baggy for too long - the skin around my eye-lids become dry and flaky and itchy.

          My eyes are so dry that I can't tell if this does any good at the time, but if I stop, I get more "bumps" on the lid margins, which I am prone to.


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            My eyes get blurrier. I think the heat irritates. But then I feel like I have to do them or my glands will close. Cant win.



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