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How do you do hot compresses?

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  • How do you do hot compresses?

    I have MGD and my hot compress routine for the last 4-5 years has been this : I wet a towel in hot (as hot as my eyes can bear) water and then squeeze to remove out most of the water and then place the towel on my closed eyes. I repeat when the towel loses its temperature and I do this for about 5 mins. (I also sometimes use rice bags or gel beads by heating them on the microwave but I find the towel more effective.)

    After this I close my eyes and take my index finger and press hard against the upper and lower eye lids especially where the eye lids meets the eye lashes.

    Dr Korb (from Boston) mentioned that applying heat is ok but pressing hard against the eye lids will damage the cornea. He has also written a paper about this (which I cant seem to find now). The technique he recommends is to much skip the second step of massaging the eye lids.

    Pressing hard against my eye lids gives me a lot of relief and I would really hate to lose the relief that I m getting right now. My question to you is whether you have alternate techniques that give you relief. Is there anything that has helped?

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    I also find that pressing hard (also during the day) offers a lot of relief.


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      Hi WVM
      Do you press (or squeeze??) by fingers? how long? how often a day? even you feel oil secretion??
      Massage is so confusing. Some doctors prefer patients do forcefully blinking.

      Hi dnivara
      Dr Korb did say (in his viedo) 'squeeze' (as hard as we can) is safer (as it will NOT damage cornea).


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        Here's an article on damaging the cornea from massaging or pressing hard on the eyelids after warm compress. It's not written by Dr. Korb, but he is mentioned in it. My doctors have also advised me not to massage my eyelids.

        I do use ThermalOn warm compress, as it molds well to the eyes so that the heat is right up against the meibomian glands. Plus I only need to heat up this compress once in the microwave to get 10 minutes of suitable warmth.


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          To show how to 'squeeze' correctly, I found the viedo/lecture by Dr Korb, in 32.50 he showed how. He also mentioned risk of massage. Hope you find it useful.


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