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Blurry vision after Hot Compress

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  • Blurry vision after Hot Compress

    After I do a hot compress my vision gets blurry does this mean that my oil is thick or normal? Is blurry vision after a hot compress good?

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    If your oil is flowing, it's pretty normal to have blurry vision after using a hot compress. As for the quality of the oil, only a doctor can truly answer that question.
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      Oil flowing is a good sign. Does it mean you did not have such feeling before?

      The more oil secretion the better is what I have read, but NO idea how long is ideal, 10 min. or 15 min.?
      I now finally have about 7 min. oil secretion feeling when I do 10 min./Blephasteam/42.5C. Enough?


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        I actually stopped the hot compresses,my vision would be hazy,filmy,oily for hours,personally i think its because the quality of the oil isnt good. It flows,but poor quality.


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          These oil secretion is OLD oil that is WHY we need to remove it (with warm compress, massage),
          in the hope NEW quality oil will be generated, what I have read.

          I have not heard about for hours.
          Do you know why? compress too HOT (over 40C is bad for cornea but Blephasteam claims 42.5C),
          or for too long?


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            I think i just have a bad quality caused by hormonal changes,im post menopaus,i suppose also because my oil to water ratio is off and after the compresses,i have too much oil to water ratio.


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              I also suppose in the beginning it takes awhile to get the good quality of oil,so essentially i get bad oil flowing for hrs after the compresses. I did them for like 3 months,then had a few months of clear vision,well,then a flare and back to blurry vision. It takes just the right combo and everyones different.


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                Hi Klee
                Do you think Omeg 3 would improve your quality? My omeg 3 are almost double than normal.


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