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How often do you apply warm compresses and express the glands?

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  • How often do you apply warm compresses and express the glands?

    How often do you apply warm compresses followed by massage and expressions of the glands? Every day, once a week?

    How severe is your case? And for how long have you been having MGD and treating it with warm compresses?

    I'm wondering since I'm a bit worried I might overdo it. Perhaps every day was necessary when my glands where clogged. But now when the oil is more fluid I might just drain my glands and making it worse by warm compresses and expression every day.

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    I've had dry eye (and MGD) for almost 5 years now. Because the first ophthalmologist I saw didn't really know anything about MGD, I didn't start using a warm compress until about a year after my initial symptoms. Initially it gave me pretty good relief. But I wasn't consistent with using it, and when I starting using it again a few months later, it wasn't as effective.

    That being said, I still try to use it every day. The more you use warm compresses, the less you have to get IPL or Lipiflow.
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      Hi NordicEyes

      Based on personal experience and my research:

      Purpose of warm compress is to get oil flowing. But the duration dr recommend are 4-15 min. which is confusing - such a big difference!!
      I think the key point is oil secretion feeling - but no idea HOW long is effective, some doctors say the more is better.
      I find Blephasteam/42C is the best for its safty and constant/wet heat (to remove debris, dusts etc).

      How often: 2/day, wake up and before bedtime - for my half thick oil. Sometimes I do 2 extra for 5 min. - which I find good too.

      massage: I squeeze as some doctors (including Dr Korb) recommend to sequeeze in order not to damage cornea.

      I think if you feel great afterwards then you are on the right track, agree?

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