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Worse from warm compresses.

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  • Worse from warm compresses.

    I seem to have blepharitis, which is a new thing, so I guess it's not the source of my four year old dry eyes. Regardless, I'm trying to alleviate the symptoms by, among other things, warm compresses.
    I've noticed that, whenever I do them (in the morning), my eyes are worse throughtout the day - not drier, but more painful. When I don't do them, I think it is fine (or should I say - as usual).
    I've made sure they are not too warm.
    Is this a sort of an early-stage reaction or should I stop doing it?
    Have you experienced immediate relief from warm compresses?

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    Yes, I often feel great after w. compress. If not, something are wrong, likely:

    1) over-massage - which can take a few hours for the oil to get refilled. This makes eyes dryer.
    Seems this is not your case.

    You mentioned, painful - Did you massage and touch the cornea?
    Many doctors do NOT recommend massage but squeeze.

    2) perform compress too long, heat too high??

    I close eyes when I performn wet heat compress.

    Hope these help. Good luck!
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      Thanks for responding,
      1) Ah, yes. I forgot to mention I was also doing the eye-lid massages after doing warm compresses. I will do just one of those things to see which one causes the pain. Maybe it was the massages.
      Whatever I do to the eyes, I always stay away from the from the cornea.
      2) Around 8 minutes, and I made sure they were not too hot.
      3) I never had any discharge, but I should give cold compresses a try regardless.
      Yes, I already was recommended hypochlorous acid. I will give this a try.
      Btw, the compresses I used were gel compresses (warmed in a pot filled with hot water), but I put wet tissues between them and the eye-lids.


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        Some with ocular rosacea and other conditions that are temperature sensitive may have a flare up from the heat. Some suggest applying cold after melting the oils with heat to prevent a flare. Here's some previous topics about that:
        Sufferer due to Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis.
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          Since you are careful with cornea and the heat, I wonder if it is from morning pain.
          Do you have such pain when you wake up?

          compress: duration and temperature
          The problem is if your oil is thick, you need longer or constant/higher heat but too high (43-45C?) is risky.
          I do 10-15 min, depending on how soon I feel oil. Doctors have different views on the duration, ranging from 4-15 min.- so confusing.

          Compress: Studies show Bundle method (viedo see blow),
          microwaved Bruder and Blephasateam are effective. If you feel relief/good after compress, then it is a good sign.

          pure hypochlorous acid lid cleanser: Did your dr recommend it, reasons and which brand you use?
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            Thanks for the useful links.
            No, this pain develops later during the day, and I can't really tell whether it's the eyes that hurt or the eye-lids.
            To be honest, I don't even know what it is like to feel the oil flowing, so either my compresses were too short/too cold or the meibomian glands are not the issue.
            None of the 12 eye doctors I've seen told me really what my issue is (whether it's MGD or not).
            I was recommended hypochlorous acid here on the forums. Contrary to the health services available where I live, one can get some help here.
            I'll keep looking for a more competent eye doctor.


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              Well, that makes two of us visiting a dozen of doctors. Hope you can find a real expert soon to get it under control to avoid more damages. MGD is progressive if untreated.

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                  As far as my usual pains go, it's not too bad. When I don't use the computer, I don't read and I stay inside, I'm rather in peace.

                  Yes, I've come to understand that when it comes to things like dry eyes, one cannot rely only on others to solve the problem. Educating oneself, investigating and trying different treatment options (to a reasonable extent) are key.

                  You've been very helpful. Thanks again.


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