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  • Warm compress time

    How long are you supposed to leave warm compress's on for blepharitis?

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    i usually do 15 minutes and it helped me i guess.i also tried cold compresses but warm compresses are better.


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      Doctors recommend 10 mn at least.


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        Doctors recommend from 5-20 min.
        All doctors just told me 10 min. but after experiments/studies (took 3 months),
        what work for me are:

        13-15 min, 43-*45C
        in the morning moist heat (to remove debris etc) &
        before bed dry heat (only because it is easier)

        The tricks: constant heat, 45C and enough time.
        If you feel oil is flowing and feel great afterwards then it is correct.

        The study by C. Blackie (partner of Dr D. Korb, inventor of LipiFlow) suggests that
        warm compresses are more effective when the temperature reaches 45C (113F) and are frequently reheated,
        so called, Bundle method

        I found this one is also useful, also mention 1) 45C, 2) reheat
        When to do warm compress (& different brands) by Dr Dave Kading
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