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    As we know there is the bundle method to make warm wet compresses ( My question is: does the material for washcloths has to be micro-fiber or it can be some other good absorbtive material (such as a cotton towel)?

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    It should be cotton washcloth. Microfiber cloths are not going to give any advantage. Moreover micro fiber cloths are often too thin to soak the warm water. A thick cotton washcloth will absorb more warm water and retain heat longer.


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      This is strange. I tested this method and (as I expected) the cloth didn't retain desired temperature for 2 minutes (this is huge timeframe, I thought it will cool down considerably after just 1 minute, but it looks like it cools even faster). This was just a test though, the cotton washcloths which I managed to find was pretty narrow, so I folded it just 3 times, so the whole compress piece was thinner due to fewer folds, but it was quite long, maybe I should've folded it horizontally before applying. That is a scheme of a final compress washcloths dimensions: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| - it is quite long, but quite thin as described earlier... Also, the length is needed to make a full bundle in the first place


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        Hmm... The long compress strip folded horizontally in half before applying is definitely better. Also, when I apply compress it is about 50C. And after 2 minutes it is about 40C. On 50C I don't press compress fully because it's too hot, but gradually I push it further to the lids while it is cooling... I think this is OK? In other way, if I apply compress at 45C it will cools down to quick... Definitely should experiment with different washcloths and durations. But, I must say I'm feeling relief, not so drastic as after the sauna, but I applied compress for just 10 minutes.


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