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Blephasteam 'dry-eye cure' goggles - Out 2009

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    Hi All

    Ok here is an update on my use of the goggles so so far

    I have struggled to fit using these into my daily routine, mainly due to the time it takes for the goggles to heat up (15 mins) followed by 10 mins treatment followed by lid massage - this totals to about 30mins twice a day.

    It's a sad state of affairs but I just dont have a spare hour a day right now.

    I have used the goggles about 5 times in total and have to say the effect is pleasant (not unlike taking a hot shower) but it's too early to say if there will be any long term relief.

    I am determined to build the use of these into my routine and will post results then.


    The magic gloop IS out there somewhere - right?


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      Thanks EllMitcho

      I cannot recall the last time I took my eyes for granted and I always marvel at other people when they can just start the day with a splash of the face and perhaps a cosmetic or two.

      I wonder if the author of this statement had people like us in mind?

      Did you know that the eyes are the only part of the human body that can function at 100 percent ability at any moment, day or night, without rest. Your eyelids need rest, the external muscles of your eyes need rest, the lubrication of your eyes requires replenishment, but your eyes themselves never need rest................

      I would love a rest from all this.


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        Im considering buying the blephasteam it worth the money?

        "The eye bag" is also available to buy at the website for MGD. Does anyone know if the eye bag is less effective then the blephasteam goggles?

        There´s quite a difference in price between the two.


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          I have the goggles - it's too early to say whether they are beneficial so therefore I cant answer your question regarding whether they are worth it (for me!)

          I will post more as time goes on

          The magic gloop IS out there somewhere - right?


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            Thank you..

            Do you think the goggles are much better then the eye bag (sold on the same website).. there´s a big difference in price but them both stimulates the oil from the melbomian glands...

            I don´t really care if you can have your eyes open and read a book for ten minutes at the same time with the goggles...


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              i personally think it depends what symptoms you have.
              ive got the heated rice bag and because i have inflammtion my eyes are way worse after using it as direct heat on inflammtion isnt good.
              so im saving up the goggles to see if there beter as my eyes prefer moist heat like in shower so if thats what the goggles are like then im hoping id get more relief more often.

              well prob not as nothin ever seems to help but we can keep our fingers crossed


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                Sounds as though I could put on my Tranquileyes for 10-20 minutes and get the same effect?
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                  Hi - no there is definately a greater effect than tranquileyes (I use these also) - humid, consistent warmness is the way I would describe the goggles - I just need to use them more!!

                  The magic gloop IS out there somewhere - right?


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                    I do this with Quartz googles and heating bag

                    I have been getting this effect by using the Quartz Googles. I clean them off, but leave the water drops on the inside. Then I lay with my heating bag (mine is made of clay, not rice) on top of the googles. It results in a nice steam bath. So far I haven't seen a huge improvement, but I have only done it a few times. I will let you know if things get better.


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                      Blephasteam dry eye moisture goggles

                      Hi All! This is the first post I have made to the forum but I have been an active reader for quite some time. A friend visiting from the UK brought me two (2) of the Blephasteam devices from Spectrum Thea that previously were unavailable. I have decided to put the second device in an online auction format and it is available here:


                      I believe there were prior threads for this but I wanted to point the Blephasteam product out. It has helped me dramatically and I hope it can help the broader dry eye community as well. You can use the device while doing your work at the computer or watching TV. I will post a review at some point in the future. Any questions, please ask.


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                        Hi Blephasteam-Users;

                        Could you give us an update? Is that thing better than your regular microwave-heated rice baggy (which is less than 1 pound instead of 205)?
                        Dysfunctional Tear Syndrome ("Dry Eye Disease") is a bane of modern society.


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                          You just happen to get 2...

                          And your auctioning it off to the highest bidder? sounds smarmy to me...imho


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                            So ? How are you doing with these goggles ? I'm tempted to try them out.


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                              Anyone still using the blaphasteam goggles?


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                                I have exactly the same pair pretty much. Cost me £200. They’re rubbish. Youre better off buying a heat compress for £20. Waste of money



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