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  • Trying IPL have some questions

    Hi, I am new here. I've been struggling with dry eye for a couple of years with no relief so far. I've been diagnosed with mgd and ocular roseaca. I've tried all of the things many here have tried: drops, ointments, restasis, steroid drops, acular, ocychyclene, punctual plugs, prose lenses, hot compresses, lid washes. So far nothing has helped and the condition continues to get progressively worse. I can no longer drive or walk with my eyes open. I have recently started IPL treatments. I have had 2 so far and have only slight improvement though they do seem to be expressing a lot of gunk. I have my 3rd scheduled for this Wednesday. The doctor has asked me to be patient. ... again. Has anyone else not seen much improvement after 2 treatments, but eventually success? I need some encouragement here.

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    If you have tear deficiency and MGD, the results probably will not be very dramatic. If you only have MGD and Ocular Rosacea without tear deficiency, you might do very well after IPL treatments. I had IPL done about four or five years ago, and have Ocular Rosacea, MGD and tear deficiency. My TBUT improved from 3 to 8, but no more. I am now quadra plugged, and my eyes are much better so am thinking about having either IPL or Lipiflow done just to clean out the glands as they are an on-going problem. IPL supposedly helps with Rosacea. When I had IPL, the doctor told me that it is very helpful for patients with Rosacea and MGD, but not as successful if you also are aqueous deficient. I am hoping you have a great outcome!


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