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    Hi all,

    I just had my first IPL session with Dr Toyos yesterday. I was diagnosed with MGD caused by ocular rosacea.

    It is Day 2 and my eyes seemed to be inflammed and there doesn't seem to be much difference (in fact I swear I see more blood vessels on my eyes). I was prescribed Prolensa to be used for 4 days.

    I would like to know those who had IPL:

    1. How did you feel after 1st treatment?
    2. Did u have any inflammation n how long did it last

    Any other info to share will be greatly appreciated.

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    I did IPL and my eyes were a bit swollen and inflamed after the first applications.

    I felt some result only after the fourth application.


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      I had IPl also. The day after treatment was usually rough. It took me 4 treatments to feel some relief. What is Prolensa, Russ?


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        Prolensa is the new Xibrom just a different name.

        Did anyone had redness of eyes/ conjunctival injection and did the IPL manage to solve that?

        I'm scheduled for my 2nd ipl in Memphis on 9 July n will be staying for 3 weeks to complete my 3rd session as well. I'm flying all the way from Singapore (20 hours flight +). If anyone is in the area pls let me know.


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          Hi Russ-
          I have conjunctival injection. I did a series of 6 IPl treatments from Feb. 2012 to July 2012,then had 2 more spaced 3 mos apart, in Oct. 2012 and Jan 2013. I still have noticeable red veins in my eyes -they are less pronounced than before I began treatment. I also use restasis & otc and I'm on minocycline. I had these veins for many years before being told that my problem was dry eyes, not allergies or "I don't know what this is, here's an rx for some steroid". So, you may get good result when you get better control of the ocular surface. Talk to Dr. Toyos about your concerns, You're coming a long way and paying good money for this-get everything you can out of him! Wishing you the best success.


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            Two years ago, I had four IPL treatments. Before the first, my TBUT was 3 seconds, and after the second, it was 7. There was no further improvement after the second treatment, but we did manage to open all of the oil glands. The only pain I had was to the skin on my face, which was a bit singed. I do not plan to have any more IPL sessions, as I do not think it made much difference. Best of luck to you.