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    I am an Asian guy, 32 years old, and I recently just underwent my first E-EYE IPL treatment in Stan Isaacs Singapore.

    Just to share with you my experience with my dry eye, well, this triggered last year, June of 2015. Right now, I am managing it with Thera Tears eye drops together with my 7eye Panhead eyewear in my work at the office. When I'm at home, I use swimming goggles - nothing beats the comfort it brings.

    So going back to my first E-EYE three days ago, well, I know that this type of treatment is mostly for those with MGD. The thing is, I'm not sure if I have MGD or if I have aqueous deficiency. The doctors I've been to also don't know, all they were telling me was that I have dry eyes. Even the doctor who did my pre-assessment in Stan Isaacs doesn't know if it's MGD or aqueous defiiency. She just said that upon checking, she feels that I have more oil in my eyes than water (but then I'd argue, how would she know that by just looking?).

    I will go back to this post and give you an update if it's given me any improvement. I had tear break up time tests twice in different days, and those two days gave different results. It's weird, because 2 days before my actual treatment, my tear break up time was at two seconds for both eyes. The day that I was about to be treated with E-eye, the doctor checked again my tear break up time (pretest), and for some weird reason, my right eye was at 6 seconds, and my left eye was at 3 seconds. That's weird, because the tear break up time was conducted at the same time in the morning in different days, at 11am.

    After my first E-eye treatment, the doctor checked my tear break-up time (post test) if there's any improvement, and she said that the right eye is still at 6 seconds, but the left eye improved to 6 seconds from 3 seconds. But in terms of comfort, I didn't really notice any difference, if there is, maybe it's just slight, SO SLIGHT. I'm still wearing my dry-eye eyewear and putting on eyedrops.

    I will have another session on the 19th of September, and I'll update this post.


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    Thanks idealist. I too am a 32 year old male with MGD and dry eye. I am thinking about trying IPL however it is very expensive to have it done here with no guarantee of it helping. Would like to know how you are getting on in the future after more treatments.


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      pattyleo sure, I'll update my post here. The first session didn't really do anything groundbreaking for me.


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        I have my first session scheduled next month. I'll post my progress here as well.


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          Hi Guys, I am looking into getting the E-Eye treatment, Any further feedback on results etc?


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            I had it done last week, so it is too early to say. The expression hurt quite a bit. The doctor says it takes 3-4 treatments to get the oil flowing. So far my eyes feel better, but there hasn't been much improvement. I am staying on top of the warm compresses so I don't lose any ground. I have MGD but no aqueous deficiency, and ocular rosacea.

            My second appointment is in late November.
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              I had my second treatment late this month, and so far I have improvement. My eyes are less dry/irritated and I am using fewer drops. I even went without my moisture chamber glasses in an air conditioned building a couple of work days this week. However, the lid inflammation has not reduced as a direct result of IPL. The expression was painful. I have something (anything from clear to toothpaste) coming from about 80% of the glands when expressed.
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                I had my third appointment. My eyes feel worse, however this time the inflammation was worse before the procedure than it had been previously. No continuous overall improvement so far.
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                  I had my fourth IPL. My oil started out like toothpaste at the first IPL, and it now like soft butter. When I do a warm compress, my eyes feel good for several hours. I am using less drops. I am usually able to sleep through the night. The lid margin inflammation has reduced but has not gone away. During the IPL treatments the glands are unplugged. But then they plug back up again (but I hope less so each time), so the first week after this treatment my eyes feel great. I think it was worth it, and I will do the annual follow up treatment.


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                    @PG : hi ! I will have IPl next week !!!! And you after 4 times IPl . U feel better alot ? And u need to do IPL every month ?!? Or you finish after four times ??? Thanks


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                      I wonder PG if gland probing would be a game changer for you, others have said it helped. Pythonidler stated in a former post:

                      I first tried IPL at the Mayo Clinic in AZ in 2015. I did three treatments, but my doctor advised me against doing the fourth treatment because she said it wasn't working. She would later refer me to the doctor I'm now seeing in Boston.

                      At the first appointment I had with my current doctor in December 2015, meibography of my lids showed scar tissue blocking the glands. He performed MG probing on me in December 2016, and thereafter I got four IPL treatments locally from February through May. I noticed improvement after the second treatment. By the end of the fourth treatment, the doctor who did the IPL said my glands were excreting clear oils again.

                      In summary, IPL worked for me only after having MG probing.