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Nature's tears eye mist

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  • Nature's tears eye mist

    Has anyone tried nature's tears eye mist and if so what would be your review of this product.

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    I know there's someone on here who likes it. I find it disconcerting to spray into my eyes. If you get too close, it hurts (not stinging but the pressure of it). If you spray at the right distance, it feels weird holding your eye open waiting for spray (it's not that long but it's still weird) AND it gets all over your face. It's probably fine for your skin but I don't care to have a wet face every time I need eye drops. I do like that it seems more sterile than drops in that you're not sticking your fingers near the applicator. I've used it while skiing (thought it would be easier than drops with gloves on). It's not for me. I use it on occasion but once the bottles I have are gone, I won't likely buy it again. The product itself does feel nice in my eyes.


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      I had some samples which I kept around for quite awhile to try. I like the concept - something to add a bit of moisture but without any chemicals. (Incidentally for those not familiar with it, it's water.) I had some in my car for awhile for long drives - I wanted a way to get some moisture in my eyes and on my sclerals without having to apply drops. If I have to drive at night I have to add some kind of lubricant pretty frequently to be able to see well enough. But I found it hard to get used to this product at a practical level and didn't like getting myself as wet as I needed to to get enough in my eyes. It also didn't work for what I needed. I'm sure there are other people who would find it helpful.
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Zone


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        I have used this in the morning straight onto my lids to help me open my eyes and liked the refreshing feeling


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          I've been using Nature's tears eye mist for a year or more and don't know what I would do without it. I try to stay away from anything with preservatives and the mist helps when your eyes are feeling dry and you don't have time to stop and put preservative free drops in. It didn't take me long to get used to spraying something in my eyes, it actually feels great and it's quick. You usually have to pat your eyes with a tissue after but that doesn't bother me.
          I buy it online at, it comes 2 to a pack.


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            Safety concern for natures tears mist?

            Hi All, I have been using this product for a while and recently imported a batch from the US to the UK. I have noticed an unpleasant chemical odour, which is probably the gas propellent. This cannot be good for the eye? Does anyone have this experience? I have contacted the manufacturer but they are not very helpful. Considering that this is just water I was wondering if anyone thought of simply buying distiller water / sterile water and putting it in one of those mini spray dispensers and using that? IT seems a lot cheaper and chemical free. They claim chemical free but this odour I am getting means there are chemicals in the can which can get into your eye? Rebecca can you help investigate? Who can I contact? I want to make sure this product is safe for all of us and the company is not getting away with murder claiming to sell a chemical free product which actually may damage the eye.


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              yes,i think it would work for me...i need my eyes washed somehow and hidrated... i feel the need to wash them and i,m very frustrated i cannot,because everything i try burns,,,even sterile saline,even the eye washes specially made for the dry eyes...i ,m now convinced that the eyes ( mine,at least) don,t accept chemicals any more....but for me it,s very hard to get it here,i have to ask a friend from US to buy for me,because they don,t ship it in Romania...


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                If you have some samples,i,d be grateful if you could send them to me...thank you


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