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NovaTears+Omega-3 Drops by Novaliq GmbH

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  • NovaTears+Omega-3 Drops by Novaliq GmbH

    Hi All,

    NovaTears+Omega-3 is water- and preservative-free and stable at ambient temperatures. The clear, multi-dose solution is intended for use as an ocular lubricant in conditions involving instability of the tear film leading to dry eye syndrome.

    NovaTears+Omega-3 stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear film and reduces the evaporation of the underlying water phase of the tear film. NovaTears+Omega-3 lubricates and protects the corneal surface and thereby efficiently relieves the symptoms associated with dry eye like burning, itching, stinging and foreign body sensation.

    NovaTears+Omega-3 eye-drops is a line extension of Novaliq’s existing CE-marked product NovaTears.

    In Europe, the product received its CE-marking according to the Medical Device Directive in October 2017

    USA, trials/use have not been published as of 1/2018

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    I use the Refresh brand with the Omega-3. Works good for me.