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Multidose Preservative-Free Eye Drops (NON Uni-dose)

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  • Multidose Preservative-Free Eye Drops (NON Uni-dose)


    I have used for a year Preservative-Free eye drops called Hylocomod which are Hyaluronic acid eye drops that come in a MULTI-DOSE dispenser.

    I have to use eye drops at least every 1 hour and sometimes every 30 minutes or so. Due to this it is highly recommended by my doc to use a NON-PRESERVATIVE eye drops. The Hylocomod unique dispenser was perfect as it's multi-dose and doesn't contain any preservative due to its patented dispenser.

    That great, BUT recently my eyes began to develop kind of allergic reaction to the eye drops and I had to switch to something else. I switched to Systane Geldrops and Refresh Optive. However these do contain preservatives, even if these are not so bad ones, due to my very very frequent use, that's not good option.

    I was unable to find any other Preservatives-Free eye drops without that come in a multi-dose dispensers other than ones that contain Hyaluronic acid. I mean, I could find several brands which are multi-dose and preservative free but regardless of their brand name they all contained Hyaluronic acid which I am trying to avoid as they cause me allergic reaction. My Doc said he has seen this happen with several patients that after some time suddenly develop that allergic reaction and have to switch to other brands.

    I also found some Uni-Dose dispenser which weren't really uni-dose as they were looking uni-dose but each contained a small cap and could be used one such vial for 12 hours, so that can fit the bill as well, but these ones also were only in the form of Hyaluronic acid That seems to be the most recommended substance at the moment for dry eyes, so everybody wants to use them, but the selected few who cannot use them are stuck with other brands which either contain Preservatives or if not, they come in uni-dose vials which are useless for someone using it 15 days a day ! (as I would finish a pack in 2 days!)

    Anyone know an alternative?
    Maybe ones which could be obtained in EUROPE or USA ? Doesn't matter as I would get them shipped.
    Really looking for preservative-free ones which don't come in at least a 12 hours use vials or some other solution that does not contain Hyaluronic acid.


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    I also use that brand far had no problem. But once i tried to use different HA product didn't work for me.


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