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Severe Dry eyes - Testosterone Related? Looking for advise - HELP!!!

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  • Severe Dry eyes - Testosterone Related? Looking for advise - HELP!!!

    Hi All!

    Firstly just want to say Hi as just joined and hopefully will find some answers from everyone's collective experience. Really not sure what to do next of why!!!

    To cut a very long story short I was diagnosed with a small 5mm pituitary tumour in December as had been struggling with Fatigue, dry eyes etc for a year or so. After being tested for pretty much everything the only evidence I had was extremely low testosterone. This was at 7 (202) which I now know is very low. I've started a course for TRT (Nebido) and my energy has returned and starting to feel better than I have in years, However my dry eyes haven't and appear to be becoming worse. My endocrinologist believes there is no link but looking on line the relationship between androgen deficiency and dry eyes seem to be well documented. I've also discussed with my eye specialist but she will only treat the symptoms not the cause! I'm really looking for somebody with experience in this, I cant believe they are not linked as started at pretty much the same time. My edno said it must be Sjogrens but tests came back negative and rheumatologist said no way!

    So far I've tried all over the counter drops that just created a rash round my eyes!, Then moved onto Steriods and antibiotics, again did nothing, then Ikervis which I've taken for a month and so far nothing (seemed to work slightly for first 3 days then back to normal burning and dryness) I'm currently putting in Hylo-Forte every 20 mins but it feels like sticking a thimble of water over a volcano! I'm also using a beaded mask every evening heated up in microwave!

    I'm really looking for a definitive link between low test and dry eye before I maybe change my TRT treatment to something else on the off-chance it may resolve the issue. I've also booked myself in for Lipiflow in a couple of weeks as feel nothing to lose.

    Strangest thing is when I go to the Gym my eyes stop hurting and usually give me a hour or so reprieve???!

    Thanks for listening and any advise really appreciated.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Certainly hormones can play a part in dry eye, but it's usually older women who have hormone-related dry eye.

    Have you seen an eye doctor, and gotten a diagnosis besides generic dry eye? You need a specific diagnosis, such as meibomian gland dysfunction and/or aqueous deficiency to know what you're dealing with.
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      I agree with python finder that you need a diagnosis for your eyes that are specifically to determine the type of dry eye you have.

      Now, I will say this, estrogen and progesterone seem to make dry eye worse. If you are overweight, or just prone to aromatization, you may be converting your testosterone into estrogen. Taking testosterone injections can help, but I guarantee there are other factors causing this as well which is why you need to see an opthamologist that understands dry eye.

      That said, your hormones alone need to be in check so I'd do it regardless since you had the pituitary tumor.

      Good luck.


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