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Maqui Berry Success or Failure?

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  • Maqui Berry Success or Failure?

    A friend of mine suggested using a product from Life Extensions called
    "Tear Support with MaquiBright".

    So, I ordered a bottle off amazon and started taking 1 capsule per day
    about a week ago. This morning, I noticed after doing my heat pad treatment
    that my eyes seemed moist. I usually never feel any moisture.

    I use Restasis 3 times a day, and wetting drops in between along with
    a daily heating pad. My Dry eye is not overly severe, but my vision will
    blur out in the bright sun, or when its real cool or real hot.

    So, has anyone used this product and could you relay your results.
    I understand this also comes in a powder form, what do you suggest?

    Thanks for sharing!
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    I used it for almost a month and didn't really notice any improvement. After a few other things didn't work, I called Life Extension and asked them to look into the studies a little more. Their original article cited a study that showed good results after a month, but the advisor found a study that showed even better results after two months. So I'm on it again.


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      Here's the article for anyone who's interested.


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        Originally posted by tarisk View Post
        Here's the article for anyone who's interested.
        Yes, I had already read that article too.
        I've bought three bottles of 30 each to try it out, been on it about 3 weeks now.

        It seems to work for me so far, I've cut back on my wetting drops.
        I dont think it's a cure, but just another thing in the arsenal to help out dry eye.

        I'll post back when I'm done with my 90 day supply.
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          OK I've been on MaquiBright now for about 90 days now.
          I can report two things.

          First, overall my eyes don't seem to need as much Restasis or wetting drops
          on a daily basis. I've cut it to one drop per day. In between drops also reduced.

          Second, if I combine it with two Fish Oil of 1200mg each per day my results got better.
          I don't wake up now with junk in my eyes blocking my ducts.

          While I can't say this is a cure all, I will keep taking it. I can't stand the blurry vision
          my dry eye produces, so I'll try anything at this point. .
          My Dry Eye Story:


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            I've just got my bottle imported from the USA (easy though as found it via amazion) ill let you all know how I get on too, I all ready take 6 vitamin tablets a day for my eyes, so meh! What's one more? 😨😃😊
            People have recovered, so can we.