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Cationorm - New Drops ?

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  • Cationorm - New Drops ?

    Following a recent visit to UK doc Michel Gullion I have been told to use 'Cationorm' preservative free vials.

    Just got my first batch this week at 18 for 30 vials (4 x per day) are not going to last long.

    Have been re-using one or two vials during one day ... not sure if this is bad or not but I certainly can't be going through 4 vials a day !

    Does anyone know if anywhere else in UK or elsewhere for that matter stocks it ?

    I have searched on here for the drop but can't find it so may be a fairly new drop that some people on here not aware of ?

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    I tried Cationorm last year, and I bought the drops in a pharmacy in France (with a prescription from my French eyedoctor). Unfortunately the drops were burning a bit in my eyes and I decided to stop using them.



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      You can find it on line ...i use Cationorm too,baught it from Lithuania! these are the only artificiwl tears i can tolerate and one of the few who are hypotonic( the newest researches about dry eye insist on the hiperosmolarity of dry eyes,this can be treqted only with hypotonic eye drops)


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        are you based in the uk? why not get them on prescription?

        how have you been finding the drops?


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          Go on line and write Cationorm eye drops to buy and you will find several on line pharmacies,on e bay too you can find them ,without prescription..they are made by Santen ,which is a japanese ,but i think they have labs now in afrance somewhere,they camein force on the european eye drops market and i recently found out ( i read The journal of Ophtwlmology ) they will do their own Cyclosporin eye drops / available in Europe...